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Breathing through Winter with Transformational Breath® Day Retreat
Sunday 1st December
Winter can be a challenging time in Scotland. We have low levels of sunlight and long periods of darkness. Our energy levels can dip, we may even be affected by SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder), colds and flus or we just yearn for some warmth and sunshine.

This will be a day of self-care, learning tools to help support us through the winter. We will learn how Transformational Breath® works:
a. on a physical level giving us more energy and boosting our immune systems
b. on a mental level boosting our endorphins and other feelgood chemicals and raising our mood.
c. on an emotional level, letting go of past, negative emotions to leave more room for joy in our lives.

Transformational Breath® is a powerful but easy to learn breathing technique which allows us to gently open up the restrictions in our respiratory system, releasing blocked energy and old stuck emotions. When we breathe more fully and freely, we make room for all the good things in life – more joy, more energy, better health. We literally BREATHE LIFE!

In this workshop, you will experience TWO full Transformational Breath sessions as well as:
► learn how Transformational Breath® works and how it can help us through winter
► witness a demonstration of a breath health check (or breath analysis) from a volunteer.
► use this conscious connected breathing technique to experience TWO hour long breathing sessions.
► finally have a chance to share your experience if you would like to
► learn other ways to support yourself in winter.

This one day workshop is a real investment in your own wellbeing and you will be able to carry out a daily self practice after attending it.
Your personal investment: £80 standard rate or only £70 early bird if paid before 17th November
It is possible to also just take part in the morning introduction for £40 (£35 early bird).

To book please contact Morag on info@livelaughbreathe.co.uk or phone 07756 490562 for further information.