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Sound Healing with Yoga Nidra Meditation
Friday 15th November
If you're feeling stressed out, come and join us at the end of a busy week for some
deep relaxation and sound healing.
Allow your body to be lulled into a deep meditative state with the sounds of Gongs,
Tibetan and Crystal Singing Bowls, Koshi Chimes, Percussion, Shamanic Drum and Healing Voice.

A live sound journey is a chance to experience the full vibrational range of sound healing - an experience so much more powerful than the limited range of mp3 music we have become used to. We feel sound in our bodies as well as hearing it with our ears. These vibrations will help you relax, release blocked energy and take you on a journey; you might go into the jungle, down to the sea, across the North American planes or just deep inside yourself.

To allow us to go deeper with the sounds, we will be starting with a Yoga Nidra guided visualisation to relax us before the sound journey. Yoga Nidra is also known as yogic sleep - though we remain awake and alert and very much focused on our internal body. After the visualisation, we will move straight into a sound journey which will take you into a deeper state of relaxation allowing your body to let go of stress, energy blockages and create new patterns of health and wellness.

Morag Wylie is a Sound Healing Practitioner who loves facilitating deep transformation in people and empowering people live happier and healthier lives. She has a certificate in Creative Therapeutic Sound with the ANSU School of Sound as well as a Diploma in Integral Sound Healing with the Sound Healing Academy.

She has been running regular sound journeys for 2 years now and loves every minute. She also has a growing collection of beautiful instruments.

Cost: £20

Booking in advance is essential for this workshop since numbers are limited. For more info email Morag: info@livelaughbreathe.co.uk or phone 07756 490562