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What do I need to bring?

No need to bring anything along with you, we have mats, straps, blocks, blankets and bolsters so just book a spot, come along and enjoy.

I'm brand new to yoga, what's the best class for me?

Our Beginners courses on Tuesday and Thursday evenings are designed for people that are completely brand new to yoga, they are slower paced and give newcomers a chance to get to grips with the basic postures and become familiar with breath awareness.

We realise it can feel intimidating to come to class for the very first time so we have cultivated a reassuringly welcoming environment in which no question is too silly and there is no expectation to ‘be able’ to do anything your not able to.

What are the class sizes?

Our class hold no more than 12 people to ensure there is enough space for everyone to feel comfortable and for the teacher to give appropriate adjustments if necessary.

What if I book a class but then can't make it?

If you book a class in advance and you can no longer make it, please remember to cancel your reservation so we can offer the space to somebody else.  You can do so online any time before the class starts.

If you cancel with more than 3 hours notice then your class credit will be reimbursed to be used for another booking.

If you cancel less than 3 hours before the class, the credit you’ve purchased will not return to your account and the payment is non-refundable.

I have a medical condition/pregnant can I come to classes?

We ask people to fill in our health questionnaire before participating in any of our classes and would always recommend that people seek advice from a medical professional regarding their personal situation.

Do have Car Parking space?

There is free car parking available at our premises and in the residential area nearby.