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Beginners Yoga Workshop

Saturday 25th January



Does the thought of attending a yoga class daunt you?

Do the thoughts..I can't touch my toes, I'm not flexible or fit enough spring to mind?
Or perhaps you've been to a few classes here and there, or not practiced for a while.
If so then this workshop is for you!

Yoga is for everyone and everybody and this workshop aims to show you and put your doubts to ease.
You will learn some of the fundamentals of a typical yoga class including asanas (poses), as well as meditation and relaxation techniques to help you relax the mind and body.

So why not come along and hopefully you'll leave with the inspiration to start a regular yoga practice in 2020.

Spaces limited to 10 people.
Booking & payment required to confirm space.

Yin Workshop

Sunday, 19 January



Want to learn a style of yoga that's focused on bringing balance—physically, energetically, and mentally? Join Carly for a 3 part workshop series to journey through the foundations and principles of Yin Yoga.
January 19th 11am-1pm
Febuary 16th 11am-1pm
March 15th 11am-1pm

While Yang yoga practices (Ashtanga, Vinyasa) physically target the 'superficial' muscles, in Yin yoga, we target the deep conective tissues of the body - the ligaments, joints, bones, and deep facial/ meridian networks and can help to improve blood flow and overall mobility in the body. These Yin Yoga workshops are an invitation to develop a functional approach to your Yoga practice. We will explore several variations of each posture so you can discover what works for you. On an energetic level, Yin yoga improves energy flow and enhances the flow of chi in the organs but the practice also offers huge mental and emotional benefits too. Yin yoga poses stimulate and remove blockages in the myofascial meridians in the body, which in turn balances the body’s internal organs and systems.

Each session will include discussion about the principles of Yin Yoga alongside a themed practice to apply the information. Sessions will include anatomical explanations, support and assistance in the poses, as well as guided breathing and meditation.

Sessions are stand alone, or you can join all three.
Investment: £20 per session if booked individually
£50 for all three!

Workshop 1 : January
Fundamentals of yin yoga: During our first session we will explore the key principles of a yin yoga practice whilst exploring anatomical variation to adapt each posture to work for you unique structure. Our first session in January will focus around the  element of Water and the organs of the Kidneys and Bladder.Winter is linked to the element of Water and the organs of the kidneys and the bladder and is considered the ultimate Yin stage within a seasonal cycle. We will be exploring how we can stimulate meridian lines and realise tension that has built up in the fascia.

Workshop 2 : February
Yin for the lower body:
During this session we will mainly work on exploring the lower part of the body - the hips, pelvis, inner thighs, lower spine. These areas are especially rich in connective tissues. In our sitting-centered culture, the hips are highly susceptible to both underuse and inflexibility —a very unfortunate coupling. Yin yoga can be an excellent tool for relieving tight hips and for releasing problematic tension we will work through several postures and variations for you to discover what works for your hips.
The six meridians that begin or end in the lower body are of most interest to Yin Yoga practitioners. . They are the Liver, Gall Bladder, Kidney, Urinary Bladder, Spleen, and Stomach meridians.

Workshop 3 : March
Do you spend the majority of your day sitting at a desk, driving, or carrying small children? Most of us do! These activities bring with them an inevitable upper body tension. Tightness or even knots in the shoulders, and discomfort in the upper to mid back.  While Yin Yoga classes often focus on the lower body, this deep, stretchy practice has plenty to offer the upper body as well. There are six meridians that begin or end in the fingers of the hands. They all pass through the shoulder or armpit. The six upper body meridians are the Heart, Small Intestine, Large Intestine, Lung, Pericardium, and San Jiao.

Fundamentals of Arm Balancing

Sunday 26th January


Investment: £18


This 2 hour workshop hosted by Katie White is specifically designed to teach you the foundations and preparatory steps of arm balances. Learning the essential actions and movements will allow you to approach them with a greater sense of confidence and ease. There are numerous benefits to practising arm balances, the upper body strength and abdominal awareness helps us move though life and age with a greater sense of ease.

We'll begin by focusing on strengthening certain parts of the body that are essential for balancing on our hands/arms, then we'll use props to assist us into the postures so we have a real understanding of the mechanics, then we'll move our way into these postures without props. The idea of this workshop is not necessarily to get into arm balances, but to have a better understanding of them.

Suitable for all levels - new and long time practitioners welcome. We'll be working with Bakasana (crow pose), Parsva Bakasana (side crow pose) & Eka Pada Koundinasana (side crow spits).

Any questions, just ask!

Teen Yoga 

Wednesday 29th January



We are excited to have received funding from Stirling Council's Community Fund and will be putting on 4 FREE yoga taster classes starting 29th January at our studio Shambhala Yoga.

Why yoga for teenagers?

*School/College/Work stress

*Exam stress


*Body Image insecurities

*Family and friend relationship problems

*Social media pressures


These are just some of the issues that have led to an increase in mental health problems, such as anxiety and depression in young people.


Yoga can offer a safe space where we can have a chat about life, learn some yoga poses and breathing exercises and give you a chance to completely relax from the busyness of life for a while.

Some of the benefits of yoga include:

increased physical fitness (strength, flexibility, balance)

*Reduces stress and anxiety

*Increased confidence and self esteem

*Feeling happier, more relaxed and better sleep

*Improved focus and concentration


So why not come along to our welcoming and friendly space at Shambhala Yoga and see if yoga is for you. No experience is needed, all you need is yourself and an open mind.


Spaces are limited to 10 per class.

Booking required to confirm your space.

Please contact Natasha on info@shambhalayogascotland.com for more info.

Embodied You Workshop

Sunday 2nd February



A workshop designed to awaken your deepest felt sense of self. Move with conscious intention and experience somatic awareness as you explore the freedom to express, connect and dive deep into your wholeness
Experience yoga from the inside out and build a deeper connection to how your body communicates your experience
Develop more awareness of sensation and emotion that supports you both on and off the mat
Learn how to use elements of yoga asana and breath that allow you to create your own movement meditation
Explore how to move with more fluidity, support, and full-body integration
Take an inner journey with intuitive, free and expressive movement

Contact conniemcyoga@gmail.com for more info

Chakra Workshop

Sunday 9th February



In this two hour workshop you will discover what the chakras are, how to know if they’re out of balance, ways to balance them and enjoy a chakra based yoga flow.

Having our chakras balanced allows energy to flow through our bodies freely in order to live up to our full potentials.
Please bring clothes you are able to move in and something to write on and with.

Investment: £20.

For more details, information or to book your place email colleenmcgowan@live.co.uk

Health & Mindful Living Day

Saturday 14th March


Wellness is the development of the whole self and this event will feature yoga, mindfulness and talks on holistic health, nutrition & essential oils to help you discover the tools to better your health and happiness.

The afternoon will open with some yoga and a lovely relaxing Yoga Nidra (guided relaxation) after this we will stop for some lunch and healthy'ish' sweet treats.
After lunch there will be the chance to learn how to align yourself to the seasons to improve your health & wellbeing with Jennifer Douglas from Tranquility 21.
Jennifer will share some good mental health habits and how we can bring movement to the body to support us during the season. This will include understanding how the foods we eat can affect the way we feel both physically and mentally from an Ayurvedic and Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective.
To finish the afternoon we have Louise Cullen from Transform Therapies who will discuss all things mindfulness and share tools and techniques on how to incorporate a mindfulness practice into your daily life.

The day will look a little like this..
1.00- 2.15pm Yoga & Yoga Nidra
2.15-3.00pm Lunch
3.00-4.00pm Jen Douglas from Tranquillity 21
4.15-5.15pm Louise Cullen from Transform Therapies.

Investment: £45 early bird price until 14th February/£55 after that.
(£1 service fee added when booking through our Team Up app)
Spaces are limited to 10 people for the full day. Booking and payment required to confirm you space.

There will be a limited amount of drop in spaces for the workshops in the afternoon. These will be priced at £10 each. However priority will be given to people booking the full event.

Hopefully the day will give you the encouragement, motivation and confidence to make small steps to improve your health and wellbeing.