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Our Story

Shambhala Yoga was founded by Kyle McLachlan and Natasha Fullerton who have spent the last few years travelling the world and have been fortunate to learn and practice yoga with experienced teachers in places world renowned for yoga such as Nepal, India, Thailand and Bali.

Spending time in India, they gained a variety of experience in different philosophies, including Sivananda Yoga at their Ashram in Kerala and Himalayan Iyengar Yoga in Goa. This inspired them to complete their 200 hour Hatha and Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga teacher training in Rishikesh, India in May 2018.



Kyle’s yoga journey began in 2016, attending classes in an attempt to calm his mind and address his anger issues.

Kyle has come a long way since then. During his time travelling he immersed himself in the practice of yoga. Kyle was particularly inspired by his time in India and Nepal and returned home with a positive mind set and a clear vision to share his knowledge and teaching with everybody that he meets on his yogic path.

‘Yoga has completely transformed my life, I know now true happiness comes from within and I want to encourage and teach others how it can do the same for them. I believe I have found my life purpose’.

Kyle has faced difficulties with his own mental health throughout the years, and advocates strongly about the positive effects yoga can have on the mind and body. His mantra is ‘long breath, long life’.

Kyle’s aim is to change the stereotypical attitudes towards yoga and encourage more people, particularly men to take up the practice.

Kyle's passion for yoga shines through. His classes focus on bringing the traditional practices of yoga to the western world. He is also challenging attitudes around masculinity and his Men who Stretch classes encourage men to come together and see that yoga is for everyone.


Natasha admits to previously viewing yoga as a physical exercise to stretch and increase flexibility. However this changed during her travels  as she experienced first-hand the healing benefits of yoga. After years of struggling with anxiety, low self esteem and difficult times in her life,the practice of yoga has been life changing. Natasha now incorporates yoga as a way of life.

Natasha’s background is in social work and she has experience of working with a variety of people with vast a range of difficulties including poor mental health and addictions. As well as teaching at the studio, Natasha also teaches classes in a local recovery cafe. Natasha’s aim is to make yoga accessible to everybody and give people the opportunity to experience the positive and therapeutic benefits of yoga she has. This has inspired Natasha to complete a 50 hour Yin Teacher Training Course. She has also completed a Yoga Therapy and Mindfulness for Addictions course with the Minded Institute and a Yoga and Mindfulness for Autism and ADHD course with Special Yoga. She is also a qualified Children's Yoga Teacher, as well as a Teen Yoga Teacher through affiliated charity Teen Yoga.

Natasha is keen to share her knowledge and experience of yoga to empower people and help them to live happier and healthier lives. Natasha’s style of classes allow people to go deeper and see that yoga is much more than just the physical poses.



Yoga has been a part of my life for the better part of 20 years. It's been there for the good and the bad, a constant companion, a constant reminder that all we have to do is show up. I was and still am pretty promiscuous when it comes to particular styles of yoga, but have always been more drawn to powerful practices. The challenges that present themselves in a practice allow me to get out of my head and focus on my breath, it has taught me to be less reactive and most importantly it has taught me about acceptance. Each time I get on the mat is a new opportunity to accept myself as I am.

200 Hours Hatha Vinyasa Trained with Dhugal Meachum + 100 Hours professional development. From beginners to advanced classes, each one is heartfelt, coaxing every ounce of the mind, body and soul to be present and get involved in the practice. You'll experience thoughtful sequencing, creative transitions and a lot of variations of traditional poses to suit every practitioner. A little sweat and maybe a little laughter, too! My goal is to create a balance between mindful movement/alignment coupled with the opportunity to get carried away with the 'flow'. My deepest hope is that I create a space for people to be challenged as well as accept whatever form of beauty shows up on the mat on any given day.