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Alignment-Based Yoga Workshop

Saturday 30th November




Join Kirsty for this alignment based workshop were you will get the opportunity to spend a little more time investigating and refining your yoga practice.

By cultivating a practice that encourages awareness and attention we begin to understand what we’re doing and why we’re doing it, or whether we should be doing it... for example, is that funny thing you do with your ankle actually highlighting something that’s going on in the hip and by bringing more awareness and attention to the hip and ankle in your practice can we get on a better working relationship with the whole leg!

During this workshop you will get to know some of the yoga props/equipment and learn how to tailor them to suit your practice, regardless of how often you practice.

Yoga has the ability to help every single body, so come along and find out whether using a chair helps you to balance in a way you never have before, or find out if strapping a canvas belt around some limbs allows you access to a pose in a whole new way!

Investment: £20/£18 for members
(additional £1 service fee if paying through our team up app)

Spaces limited to 10 people.
Booking required to confirm your space.